Types of Comcast Set Top Boxes

Comcast is a single system cable operation which was founded in 1963. Today it's one of the leading providers of cable television, high-speed Internet, and phone services in the United States. Subscribers to Comcast's cable TV service must hook up a Comcast set top box to their televisions. The set top box is used to decode the Comcast TV signal. As of 2010, all Comcast set top boxes fall into one of three categories: digital, DVR, or HDTV. Motorola makes most Comcast set top boxes, but there are a few exceptions.

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Digital Cable Boxes

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Digital cable box.
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At a minimum, when you subscribe to Comcast cable TV service, you need a Comcast digital cable box. When attached to the television, the digital cable box allows you to watch the Comcast digital channels included in your package, use Comcast's On-demand feature to watch a select assortment of videos whenever you'd like, order pay-per-view programs, and use the Comcast on-screen program guide. As of December 2010, Motorola models DCT700, DCT1800, DCT2000, DCT2500, DCH70, and DCH100 are all approved Comcast digital cable set top boxes.

HDTV Cable Boxes

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To connect Comcast cable TV service to a High-Definition television set to view HDTV channels, you need a Comcast HDTV set top box. As of December 2010, Motorola models DCH3200, DCH6200, DCT5100, DCX3200, and Motorola DCX3200M are all approved Comcast HDTV set top boxes.

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorder
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The Comcast DVR set top box is essentially a hybrid cable box receiver / digital video recorder. DVR set top boxes are equipped with an internal hard disk which is used to store recorded programs. You need a Comcast DVR set top box if you opt for DVR service with your Comcast subscription. Again, most of Comcast's digital cable boxes are manufactured by Motorola. As of December 2010, Motorola models DCH3416, DCT3400, DCT6208, and DCX3400 are all approved Comcast DVR set top boxes. Also the Motorola models DCT6200, DCT6412 and DCH6416 are all approved HD-capable Comcast DVR set top boxes.

Other Manufacturers

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Only a handful of Comcast set top boxes are not manufactured by Motorola. Those boxes include the Pace TDC757D (which is an HD-capable Comcast DVR set top box), the Pace RNG110 (which is an HDTV set top box), the Cisco RNG100 (a standard digital cable box), the Cisco RNG150 (an HDTV set top box), the Cisco RNG200 (an HD-capable Comcast DVR set top box), the Scientific Atlanta 4250 (an HD-capable Comcast DVR set top box), and the Scientific Atlanta 8300 (a DVR set top box).

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