VTech Phone Troubleshooting

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VTech sells various consumer telephone products.

Video Technology Ltd., also known as VTech, is a telephone and electronics manufacturer. The company manufactures nine phone product lines for home and office service providers, like AT&T, and also makes the phones available for direct purchase to consumers. When using VTech's phone products, some consumers may encounter product malfunctions, such as interference and similar communication errors. Employing specific troubleshooting strategies can help fix these problems so that you may resume using your VTech phone products.


Understanding the Basics

All VTech phones use basic cordless phone technology operating at a variety of frequencies. Each VTech phone product is made up of a wired base and a cordless phone handset. The wired base is physically connected to a power source and a standard issue telephone jack. The base converts the phone jack's signal into a FM radio signal and transmits it via a miniature broadcasting device in the base. The signal is received by any cordless VTech handset within range of the signal. The handset then transforms the FM signal back to its original electronic signal and sends it to the phone's earpiece. Similarly, when an individual uses the handset, the handset converts the audio into an FM radio signal and broadcasts it. The wired base receives the signal and sends it to the standard telephone jack, completing the cycle.


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Troubleshooting the Basics

Any physical or electronic interference that disrupts the wireless communication between the VTech base and its handset will make your phone malfunction. Always inspect the phone and rule out the basic, common problems that users may experience. Verify that the wired base is both connected to the phone jack and is plugged into a reliable power source. The indicator light on the front of the base should be glowing to indicate that it is powered on and broadcasting.

Read the individual product manual for your VTech phone product (see Resources) to identify the specific broadcast range for the VTech phone base. Always use the cordless handset within the circumference of the base's range. The greater the distance between the handset and its base, the greater your chances of experiencing low call quality, dropped calls or static.



The wireless nature of VTech's phone products make them susceptible to varying levels of electronic interference. Always setup the wired base away from potential interference that may be disrupting the communication link between the base and the handset. This includes kitchen microwaves, wireless Internet routers, and hand-held walkie-talkies. Large metal objects, such as tables or bookshelves, may also disrupt the broadcast signals for the VTech phone.

Reset the VTech Phone

Over months of use, small system software errors and problems in the circuitry may build up and exhibit itself as a major phone problem. Prevent these problems with a firm reset, which may help clear the VTech phone's internal software and physical electronics. A reset will also restore the phone' settings to its original factory defaults.


Disconnect the wired phone base from both its telephone jack connection and its power source. The indicator light on the base should now be off. Next, remove the cordless handset's battery. Wait for five minutes. During this time, the stored electrical currents in both the handset and base will dissipate. The VTech product is now reset. Re-connect the base to its power and telephone jack, and replace the phone handset's battery pack. Resume using the phone as usual.

Get VTech Product Support

VTech phone products are provided with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. During the warranty period, users can call VTech's support line at (800) 595-9511, or via their online contact form (see Resources), to obtain consultation from VTech's phone support staff. If the staff member cannot troubleshoot the product through an over-the-phone consultation, the company will fix or replace the product for free.


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