Waterproof Your Tech: Stay Dry, My Friends

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Waterproofing is quickly becoming a standard feature for new tech—an especially welcome development for smartphones. Apple was considered late to the game, hving introduced water-resistance with its iPhone 7 in September. But the question remains: What about your old tech? Maybe you're a generation or two behind on smartphones, but you like the idea of having some protection against water damage to your devices. Here's the good news. There are do-it-yourself options for waterproofing your tech.



Nanostate's Flash Flood is a great DIY solution for waterproofing your phone or tablet.

Once applied, Nanostate's solution lasts for 6 to 12 months, depending on usage. One bottle contains enough solution to protect three to four phones or one to two tablets. The solution has a shelf life of 18 months.


To apply the solution you spritz it on with the spray applicator. Once it cures, you'll be able to dunk your phone or tablet in a pitcher of water for several minutes without damaging it. But don't leave it there too long. Eventually Flash Flood will lose the water battle. Still, it works well enough to protect your devices against accidental drops in a pool, sink or toilet. Watch the video below to see how well it holds up to liquid and steam tests.

Although Nanostate is a British company, it does ship to the US. Flash Flood costs about $23, and shipping is free.



Lifeproof's FRĒ waterproof case is the simplest way to waterproof any smartphone.

The super-sturdy case will protect it from just about everything else, too. It's "dirtproof," "dropproof," and "snowproof," as the Otterbox-owned company says. Cases are available for Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and LG phones. Prices vary from $60 to $100, depending on the phone.


Waterproof Pouch

The Waterproof Smart Phone/Digital Camera Pouch is a great solution if you're on a budget and don't want to spend a lot on a waterproof case. Or if you don't trust nanoparticles yet.

You can find the Waterproof Pouch at Bed Bath & Beyond for just $10. The pouch keeps out water, sand, and dirt. It's ideal if you're going on a Caribbean vacation or heading off to some other beach-friendly destination. You can even use your smartphone's touchscreen through the pouch.

Credits: Nanostate, Lifeproof, Bed, Bath & Beyond.