What All Can I Do With 7 MBPS Download Speed?

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Internet access enables you to download a host of content.
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A download speed of 7 megabits per second is provided by standard DSL Internet connections and is good for downloading a variety of content from the Internet. The download speed of 7 Mbps refers to the speed at which your Internet connection transfers the data from the Internet to your computing device.



With a DSL Internet connection, you can access and download software applications, such as productivity programs and video games, from an assortment of websites. Your 7 Mbps Internet connection indicates how long it will take for any applications you download to reach your computer. For example, if you choose to download a 24-megabyte video game using this Internet connection speed, it will take approximately 27 seconds to download. Depending on network traffic, which is out of your control, you may experience slower download rates for this type of downloading.

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You can also download music, which comes in considerably smaller files than applications, using a 7 Mbps Internet connection. Music files can be purchased and downloaded from a variety of online retailers, including Apple's iTunes and Amazon.com, directly to your computing device through its Internet connection. At 7 Mbps, a typical music file, which is about 3 MB, takes roughly 3.5 seconds to download. In comparison, an album's worth of songs, which is typically 10 songs, takes less than a minute to download the entire album.



Your 7 Mbps Internet connection also indicates how quickly your computer accesses websites and their contents. Text-only websites download more quickly than websites that contain large amounts of pictures. Streaming video websites, such as YouTube, will also be affected by your 7 Mbps Internet connection. While initial access to these types of websites will load relatively quickly, you may experience lag times while watching streaming video due to download speed fluctuations, which can be caused by network traffic or your computer's processing speeds.




If your computer is set to automatically receive software update downloads, this may affect your 7 Mbps downloading speed. For example, updates for your antivirus software will automatically engage even if you are on the Internet downloading other content. Because of network traffic issues, obtaining 7 Mbps downloading speeds may not occur during peak network use hours. Accessing the Web during non-peak hours, which typically occur during mid-morning to early-evening hours, can provide you with the maximum downloading speeds your Internet connection is capable of reaching.




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