How to Get JDownloader Automatic Captcha

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JDownloader is a free download manager that automates file transfers from one-click hosting sites such as Hotfile and RapidShare. With JDownloader, users circumvent daily download limits and wait times usually imposed by these services. The utility also employs optical character recognition to override the CAPTCHAs that display before a download. A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a test end users must complete before accessing an online service. The security measure typically prompts users to type a randomized sequence of letters and numbers. It is designed to prevent improper use of a website.


Step 1

Launch JDownloader. Click the "Setttings" tab.

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Step 2

Select "AntiCaptcha" under the "Modules" menu. Make sure that the "Disable Automatic Captcha" option is not selected. If it is, de-select this option.


Step 3

Copy the direct URL to the file download on the one-click hosting site. Click the "Linkgrabber" tab and the link will be listed.

Step 4

Select the link and click the "Download" button. The application will initiate the file transfer from the one-click hosting site.



Step 5

Click the "Download" tab to preview the progress of the file transfer. A confirmation message will appear when the download is complete.

Step 6

Right-click the listing for the downloaded item. Select the "Open Directory" command from the fly-out menu. JDownloader will load the default storage location for the media.



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