What Does a GPS Simulator Do on a Nuvi?

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The Garmin Nuvi is a personal navigation unit equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. When indoors, the Nuvi cannot get satellite reception, so turn off the GPS function to prevent the battery from being drained.


You may wish to practice using your Garmin Nuvi before navigating somewhere for the first time. Turn on the simulator mode and get the feel for creating routes and using the map screen. The simulator will calculate the route and show the car driving along the route as if you were heading to your destination.


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Turning Off The GPS Function

Turning on the simulator turns the GPS function off. Once the GPS function is off, the Nuvi stops searching for satellite signals. You can turn the simulator on when you are inside and want to use other Nuvi functions such as the MP3 player, depending on what is available with your model.



Previewing Your Route

Turn the simulator on and set up a route. Watch the simulation of your route to determine if it is acceptable to you. If the route took a direction you dislike, make different route set-up choices, such as "Fastest Time" or "Least Highways."



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