What Does Location Mean on a Kindle?

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While the Kindle offers the text and graphic content of a traditional book, the page numbers are often missing due to customized font sizes and line spacing. With eight different font choices and three options for line spacing available, each reader may see a completely different screen. The "Location" on a Kindle is a way to keep track of your reading progress in a book in the absence of page numbers.


Location Numbers

Location numbers begin with "1" and go into the tens of thousands, or as high as necessary to chart the entire e-book.

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Size per Location

According to independent testing conducted by Chris Walters of "Booksprung," a location comprises around 125 characters, spacing included, or 23 words. Walters believes that character count rather than word count is a more accurate way to determine location size.


Location Progress Bar

The location progress bar is located at the bottom of the screen on each e-book page. As you read the book, the progress bar will display a percentage that indicates how much of the book you've read. The progress bar is an empty white bar that is filled with black color as you advance in the book to provide a graphic image of your progress.


Finding the Location Number

To find the location number of any particular area of a book, leave the cursor at the start of the location for which you need a number. Click "Menu," then select the "Go To" option. At the bottom of the screen, the location will be displayed directly above the location progress bar in the following way: "Location [number] of [number]" with the actual location numbers replacing [number]. For example, the location number may read "Location 24 of 12, 256."



Location Navigation

To navigate to a specific location, click the "Menu" button, followed by the "Go To" option. Use the five-way navigation controller to move to the "Beginning" option to go to location 1, or to the "End" to go to the final location in the book.


To go to a specific number location, click the "Sym" button to activate numeral input on the Kindle. Enter the number of the location you want to go. Click "Sym" again to close the numeral/symbol menu. Navigate across to the word "Location" and select that option to go to the specified location immediately.




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