What Is My Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server From a GoDaddy Email Account?

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Go Daddy lets you use an email client like Outlook to process emails.
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Go Daddy hosts your website on the Internet, and it lets you set up multiple email accounts for sending and receiving messages. Each account includes your website's name, and is accessible through the Go Daddy "Webmail" portal. You can set up your Go Daddy email accounts within a standalone email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. You need your Go Daddy email's incoming and outgoing mail server information to complete the set-up process.



Go Daddy's incoming mail server processes all new emails sent from others to your account, and sends the messages to your computer. The mail server is pop.secureserver.net, if using Post Office Protocol 3 within your standalone email client. The POP3 protocol downloads emails from the Go Daddy server and lets you delete messages you no longer want from both your computer and from the server.


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If you're using the Internet Message Access Protocol, the mail server is imap.secureserver.net. IMAP stores a copy of deleted emails on the Go Daddy server, as well as a copies of each message sent to your computer during the email download process. You must choose either POP3 or IMAP when setting up your Go Daddy email accounts within a standalone email client. You cannot use both protocols.


Outgoing Mail Server Data

Go Daddy's outgoing mail server processes all emails you are sending to others. The outgoing mail server also checks the email address on each outgoing message to see if it is valid. If an email address is invalid, the message is immediately returned to your computer as a "Returned Message." Go Daddy's outgoing mail server is smtpout.secureserver.net. Go Daddy uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to move outgoing messages through the Internet, no matter what IMAP you are using.


Other Settings

When setting up your Go Daddy email accounts within a standalone client, you also need to enter the email address and password for each email account within the client's "Accounts," or "New Accounts" utility. You also need to enter "110" into the Incoming Server port box after entering the incoming mail server data. Do this if you don't want to use a Secure Sockets Layer connection, or enter "995" if you do want to use an SSL connection. If you don't want to use an SSL connection, enter "80," "25" or "3535" in the box next to "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" port after entering the outgoing mail server data. Enter "465" if you want to use an SSL connection. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the new email account set-up process.


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