What Is Pace Anti-Piracy?

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Pace Anti-Piracy is a copyright protection and license management company that offers software-based licenses, dongle-key protection and authorization tools to protect digital products from unauthorized use. Because of Pace's extensive client list of software developers that implement Pace Anti-Privacy tools, consumers should turn to the software company deploying the technology for general questions and troubleshooting issues, although Pace Anti-Piracy does provide instructions on how to remove its products that are included in defunct software.

Comany Overview

Pace Anti-Piracy

Pace Anti-Privacy, a Silicon Valley company, has been offering anti-piracy protection to software publishers and distributors since 1985. Pace creates tools that protect software on both the Mac OS X and Windows platforms. Its profits are derived from a modular pricing system using a distribution-based pricing model that includes annual fees. Software publishers deploy this company's technology to secure software distribution channels and their intellectual property.

Client Base

The Walt Disney Company is a client

Pace serves several major software publishers. Clients include commercial giants such as Nikon, Fijitsu, Philips, Sanyo, The Walt Disney Company and Adobe. NotionMusic, Cognitone, Crane Song, Focusrite Audio Engineering, M-Audio and East West Sounds, Harman International, Dolby Laboratories, EMI and over 90 Pro Audio software companies also rely on Pace's products for protection from piracy. Apple and Corel have also deployed Pace's anti-piracy solutions.


iLock is Pace's proprietary USB dongle key

The company's Interlok, iLok and software-based protection products defend Pace's clients against losses linked to piracy. InterLok is a Pace product that supports custom delivery of software authorizations, while iLock is Pace's proprietary USB dongle key that stores software licenses. Aside from dongle key and software authorization technology, clients can deploy software-based security solutions, which is helpful to clients who distribute trial software versions.



If you are a consumer who has found Pace Anti-Piracy InterLok protection on your computer for software from a defunct company, use the instructions offered by Pace to remove it. Windows users can remove the InterLock driver through the Control Panel. Choose "Add or Remove Program," then remove the InterLok Driver Kit.