What Is the Meaning of Library Automation?

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Card Catalog

Not many years ago, libraries used card catalogs, typewriters, and manually assigned due dates. Library automation, an up-to-date method to help libraries and library patrons to effectively use library resources, is now streamlined because of computers and software.

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Through computer technology and software, library patrons have rapid and more user-friendly access to the latest information. They are also able to remotely access a library's collection.

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With RFID chips in books, for example, patrons can check themselves out at a self-serve station, rather than having a librarian do it. Open source software also helps to connect catalogs of separate libraries and offer web-based searches.

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The Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom report of India states that advantages to automation include timely access to library materials and providing patrons with research skills.


Library automation makes it easier for a library to know the status of its resources at any given moment. The process also helps to make better use of existing library services and staff.

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Skills Building

Marshall Breeding of Vanderbilt University says automation helps librarians to better work with instructors on lesson plans and helps to produce students with information literacy skills.