What Is the Meaning of Personal Profile?

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Your personal profile is like the jacket copy on a book: It sums you up in a few sentences. Your profile lists your accomplishments, interests and abilities, so people know what to expect from you, whether they're looking at your resume or meeting you on the Internet.



In the business or academic world, a personal profile is part of your CV or resume, and it communicates your experience, skills and strengths. If you've held any impressive positions or had any unusual, life-changing experiences that apply to the topic at hand, include them. A well-written profile should catch the reader's attention and make that person want to know more about you.


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Social Media

Your personal profile in social media gives others an immediate sense of who you are, including the basics of your name, appearance, interests, influences and even contact information. Consider how you want to represent yourself, because your digital profile is your digital calling card and may be seen by millions of people on the Internet. You can tailor your personal profile to a different persona on each of the social networks and present a different side of yourself to each audience.