What Is WD SmartWare?

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If you own a Western Digital hard drive, you may be familiar with the WD SmartWare software application. On a fundamental level, WD SmartWare acts as a data backup tool, allowing you to make copies of valuable information and restore access to it as needed. In an era where busy professionals may use multiple external drives and require immediate access to a trove of information, software such as WD SmartWare helps ensure that vital data remains safe and secure at all times. In the event that you are looking for a reliable backup tool to use in combination with your WD drive, you can master the inner workings of WD SmartWare relatively easily.


What is WD SmartWare?

WD SmartWare is designed to provide users with administrative controls over their external drives. Much like other software backup tools, WD SmartWare provides users with the ability to schedule automated backups at periodic intervals which will take place without requiring user input. This can be particularly valuable in situations where users are juggling a wide variety of tasks and want to confirm a fixed backup schedule instead of having to remember to backup their drives every time.


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Once a backup has been completed, drive owners will have the ability to restore the data included within the backup at any point. This can be incredibly useful in the event of a internal computer hard drive failure or other catastrophic event that puts data stored within the computer in jeopardy.

Gaining Access to SmartWare Software

In order to begin using the WD SmartWare software application, you can obtain a copy of it in one of two ways. If you have recently purchased a WD drive, the SmartWare software application may be included on the drive itself. If this is the case, you can simply install the software directly from the drive. In the event that the software is not included on the drive, you can also choose to download it from the WD website. In either situation, WD SmartWare is free to use and should not require any form of payment or subscription sign-up at any point in the process.


You can consult the Western Digital website to learn more about recent updates to the WD SmartWare program, as well as gain access to helpful resources which can shed light on any problems or issues you may be having while using the software in question. If you have purchased an older WD drive, the SmartWare software included within it may be an older version that can be updated by visiting the website.


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