What Level Surge Protector Joules Are Necessary to Protect a TV?

It is often expensive and time-consuming to replace a TV set, so an adequate surge protector may prove a worthwhile investment. An important factor to consider is the level of joules a surge protector offers.

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TVs with indoor antennas aren't as susceptible to surges.


Electronic accessories manufacturer Belkin recommends its 1,411 joule model for most TV sets, or its 2,444 joule unit for projection televisions. ReviewSurgeProtector.com similarly advocates a minimum level of 1,500 joules for TVs.

An Exception

These recommendations are targeted at people with fairly expensive TV sets. If you're on a budget and own a small older television, consider a discount-priced protector with a lower level of joules. It's still better to have more joules, but a five-dollar unit will at least provide some surge protection.

Surge Sources

If a roof antenna, cable or satellite connects to your TV, power surges can come from these sources, in addition to the electrical outlet. A protector with at least 1,400 joules and coaxial cable jacks will thoroughly protect a TV from both types of surges. One example is the Enercell 61-188.

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