Why Does My Dynex TV Shut Off?

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A Dynex TV will shut off automatically if it isn't properly taken care of, or if its settings are configured to do so. Dynex provides a variety of installation and maintenance strategies designed to maximize your TV's optimal performance. The sleep timer which is one of them can be enabled manually to turn off the TV after a period of time. The liquid Crystal Display's or Plasma's exposure to liquid can also affect power supply and contribute to shut-off problems. Dynex provides a list of solutions to solve shut-off problems safely.


Sleep Timer

If your Dynex TV turns off all of a sudden, the sleep timer is probably enabled. The Sleep timer is designed to shut off the TV automatically and save power after a preset time. If you don't want to use this feature, you can disable it anytime. Pressing the "Menu" button on the remote control will bring up the TV's menu, and then selecting "Setup" will bring up a new submenu. From there, selecting "Timer," and then selecting the "Off" option will automatically disable the sleep timer. The TV will no longer turn off automatically.


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Power Supply

Your Dynex TV will shut off automatically if it's no longer receiving power. If the cable is exposed and someone trips over and unplugs it, not only will the TV shut off, the cable is likely to get broken. According to Dynex, if the power cord is broken or damaged, unplugging the it from the power outlet is necessary because such a repair will require a qualified service personnel. If you're unable to power the TV, contact Dynex support for repairs. If the circuit breaker that runs the electrical outlets in the room is tripped, the electrical outlet your TV is plugged into will no longer receiver power. As a result, the TV will shut off automatically. Resetting the circuit breaker inside the electrical panel in the house will solve this problem.


Liquid Damage

The vents on the Dynex TV are designed to supply air to the interior of the unit. If water or some other liquid has been spilled inside the TV, not only will it be likely to shut down automatically, it risks multiple short circuits, damaging it even further. If the device has been exposed to liquid, Dynex recommends unplugging the power cord and contacting an industry professional to deal with it, because liquid damage can be very difficult to repair.

Tips and Warnings

Referring to the installation, maintenance and safety tips on your Dynex TV's manual can decrease the chances of liquid damage and power supply problems. In addition, you can possibly increase the lifespan of your TV and save money in repairs that you don't need to spend. If your TV is still under a limited or extended warranty, attempting to fix it only will violate the warranty. In addition, you risk damaging it even further. Contacting a qualified service professional is your best option.