When I Connect to Wireless WiFi, My Connection Doesn't Work

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The connection between your router and the modem might be the problem.

If your connection doesn't work when attempting to connect to wireless Wi-Fi, there are a number of potential causes. These range from an incorrect setting in your browser to a modem that needs to be reset or a wireless router that needs to have its security settings established or tweaked. Whether it's a hardware issue or you've simply forgotten your password, you can troubleshoot and remedy your Wi-Fi problem, and get your wireless connection back up to speed.


Step 1

Check your web browser's settings. Click on the "File" tab on the browser's top toolbar. From here, check the "Work Offline" listing in the list that drops down from the File tab. Ensure "Work Offline" is not checked. If it is, click on it to uncheck, and then test your connection again.


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Step 2

Press the "Reset" button on your modem. This button will be located on the top or rear of the modem. Allow it a moment to boot back up and initialize.

Step 3

Try unplugging the modem from the wall outlet, surge protector or power strip that it's attached to, then plug it back into that power source. Allow it time to boot back up. This method sometimes works even if the "Reset" button attempt fails.


Step 4

Ensure you are using the right password if your connection is password-protected. You should have made a note of your password somewhere, so manually type the password back in when you attempt to join your network, and try again. If you have not made note of your recent password or never changed your password, locate the original manual that shipped with your router.


Step 5

Scan through the manual to find the default password of your router and a special URL, or web address, that can be used to reset the encryption settings for your router. Find these two pieces of information, and make note of them.

Step 6

Launch a web browser on your computer. Type in the URL that was provided from the manual. Also, type in the default password when prompted.


Step 7

Choose to enter a new password for your router. This password can be anything of your choosing, but make sure you will not forget it, or you will need to go through this process again. You will also be able to choose between "WEP" and "WPA" security encryption. Ensure your encryption type remains as "WPA", because it is a superior, newer type of encryption.

Step 8

Attempt to join your Wi-Fi connection once more. Type in your new password when prompted.