Where Is the Smart Label Library Stored in Windows?

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Installing a Seiko Smart Label printer automatically adds the Smart Label library to your Windows computer. The printer software manages Smart Label files and stores them in a default location on your computer.

Default Library Location

Smart Label printers store the label library in the Program Files or Program Files X86 folder on your computer's main hard drive. Launch Windows File Explorer and select the Windows C: icon in the left pane to find these folders.


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Full Library Path

According to Seiko's user documentation, you will find the Smart Label library in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Seiko Instruments USA Inc\Smart Label Printer <version #>\



Other Possible Locations

If you can't find the Smart Label files in the default location, check your personal library files, such as Documents or Downloads. As a last resort, find the Smart Label library using a system search. Press the Windows-S keys to launch the Search app.



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