How to Make File Folder Labels in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program that can produce a wide range of label types and sizes. A file folder label template is the quickest and easiest route to creating and printing file folder labels in the Word ecosystem. You can also elect to set up a Word doc for label-making manually, but templates are available in pre-determined sizes that match common label sizes. When the document goes to print, it will match the label sizing on your sticker paper.


File Folder Label Template

Custom label templates are an excellent option if you want any design elements on the labels. Otherwise, you can use the internal label templates built into Microsoft Word. Most label templates are set up for address labels, which doesn't matter because file folder tabs accept most label sizes. Purchase your desired label size before building any labels in a template or through any other method because the text must fit the label size. After purchasing the labels, search for Microsoft Word templates and select the one with the desired design. Then, add the label text after opening the template in Word.


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Build Labels in Word

Building labels in Microsoft Word is easy. You can make a file folder label as a single or do entire sheets of labels. Creating multiple labels in one setting is a good practice for efficiency, although you can run the label sheet through the printer multiple times and only print on the labels you need. The remainder of the labels are blank and usable in the future. Open Microsoft Word and click the "File" drop-down menu. Click "New" and search for labels to generate a list of label templates. Select the appropriate size in the Microsoft pre-made template files. The document transforms into a series of cells that represent each individual label. Select the label you want to edit and enter the text.


Printing address or file folder labels is not difficult, but you must ensure the labels are positioned face down in the tray so they feed into the printer properly. Most printers also require using a setting that accepts label stock. Microsoft Word may inform the printer when you select "Print," but some printers require manual input settings to proceed. If the document does not print immediately, check your printer for an error message and adjust the paper setting to continue with the printing process.