How to Make File Folder Labels in Microsoft Word

By Scott Shpak

A guide to creating file folder labels in Microsoft Word, using labels compatible with Avery 5066 filing label templates as an example.

Making labels is a regular function for many Microsoft Word users and so features are built in to streamline and simplify the process. Templates are available for a wide range of label sizes, including those compatible with Avery 5066 filing label dimensions, a typical file folder format which is used as an example here.

Selecting the Label

Step 1

Click the Mailings tab, Labels on the ribbon and then Options at the bottom of the dialog box.

Step 2

Choosing the label format

Choose Page Printers for single-sheet printing. Select Avery US Letter from the Label Vendors drop-down. Locate and select 5066 Filing Labels under Product Number. Click OK to exit label options. After the label format is selected, how you proceed depends on the labels you're creating.


Word supports label sheets formatted for many vendors. Check through the label information section to see if your labels are directly supported.

Making a Page of the Same Label

Step 1

Entering label text -- single labels

Enter label text in the Address box. Choose Full Page of the Same Label to create, in this example, 30 folder labels with the same text, or use the Single Label option to create only one. Note that you can identify the single label to use by choosing row and column, permitting you to use partially used label sheets.

Step 2

Load the 5066-compatible labels into your printer. Click Print and follow the instructions, which may vary slightly by printer. Your file labels are ready to use.

Making a Page of Unique Labels

Step 1

Making a label document

Select New Document from the Envelopes and Labels window. A full-page template opens, formatted for your label type.

Step 2

Entering label text -- multiple labels

Enter text for each file folder label, up to 30 per page. You can format, justify and change fonts as desired.

Step 3

Printing labels

Click the File tab and Print from the File page. Load label sheets and make any changes required for your printer, then click Print. Your labels are ready to use.


Use mail merge functions if you are creating filing labels from data for which you already have a database.