How to Make Your Microsoft LifeCam Focus Better

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The LifeCam, a webcam offered by Microsoft, takes pictures and records video for face-to-face chats with your family and friends. Most newer LifeCam models have a variety of features such as auto-focus, face-tracking technology and an HD sensor for recording high-quality video. If your LifeCam doesn't focus properly, the video will look blurry. You can improve the LifeCam's focus by adjusting a few settings and repositioning the camera near your computer.


Step 1

Put the LifeCam on a flat, stable surface such as the top of your monitor, a table or a desk. If the LifeCam is placed on an unsteady surface that wobbles, it won't be able to focus properly.

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Step 2

Position the LifeCam about one arm's length away from your face for the best video quality.


Step 3

Open the LifeCam application supplied with your camera to access the preview window. This window shows you a real-time video of yourself, so you can see the effects of focus changes immediately.

Step 4

Adjust the lighting in the room where you intend to use the LifeCam. Dim lighting may cause blurry video.



Step 5

Allow the LifeCam a few seconds to focus after you connect it to your computer. Not all LifeCams have the auto-focus function.

Step 6

Turn the focus ring, located on the front of the LifeCam if your camera has one, until the video looks clear. LifeCams that have a focus ring include the VX-1000, VX-3000 and VX-6000 models.

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