Does the Microsoft LifeCam Have a Mic?

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The majority of modern webcams come with a built-in microphone.
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Microsoft's LifeCam webcams enable you to record video footage using your PC as well as make video calls across the Web when combined with an appropriate software application such as Skype. All of the models in the LifeCam range include a built-in microphone, enabling you to combine audio and video recording together.

LifeCam Studio and Cinema

The two most advanced and expensive models in the LifeCam range are the Studio and Cinema. The Studio includes a 1080p HD sensor, auto focus, face tracking and a wideband microphone designed to capture a wider range of audio frequencies. The Cinema offers 720p HD video chat capabilities, as well as auto focus, face tracking and a wideband microphone. Both models are equipped with Microsoft's TrueColor technology for automatically controlling picture exposure and are able to rotate a full 360 degrees.

LifeCam HD-6000 and HD-3000

The LifeCam HD-6000 is specifically branded "for notebooks" and comes with an integrated clip for attaching to the top of a laptop or slimline monitor. It also offers a 720p HD sensor, TrueColor technology, face tracking and a compact noise-reducing microphone built in to the casing. The HD-3000 is a less expensive model but still offers 720p HD video recording, TrueColor technology and an integrated noise-reducing microphone. The universal attachment base is designed to work with desktops and laptops alike.

LifeCam HD-5001 and HD-5000

The HD-5001 and HD-5000 models in the LifeCam range are similar in terms of specification and price. The HD-5001 brings with it a 720p HD sensor, auto focus and TrueColor capabilities, face tracking and a noise-reducing microphone. All of these features can also be found in the HD-5000 model, but this camera comes with a slightly different front fascia that is black rather than white. In addition, the HD-5000 is equipped with a slightly larger clip for attaching it to a monitor or laptop screen.

LifeCam VX-2000 and VX-800

The VX-2000 and VX-800 webcams are the cheapest models in the LifeCam range and both come with flat bases designed to be used on a desk or other flat surface. The VX-2000 includes basic audio and video capabilities, digital zoom and a still image capture function. The VX-800 offers a VGA video sensor and auto-adjust capabilities for getting the best picture results in a variety of lighting conditions. Both models come with built-in microphones, enabling you to capture audio at the same time as video.

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