Amazon Family Can Help You Save Big on Baby Supplies

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Having kids is expensive. There's really no way around it. And the older your kids get, the more money you spend. Amazon offers a way to save money on essential baby and kid items, and it's actually pretty worthwhile.


Amazon Family offers Prime members the opportunity to save 20 percent on diapers and wipes when you enroll in the Subscribe & Save program. Not to mention the free two-day shipping, which saves you the time and effort of actually going to the store.

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Let's say you want to purchase a 144-count box of Pampers Swaddlers. Instead of paying the retail price of $53.99 or the Prime price of $44.84, as a member of Amazon Family, you'll pay $35.87. Over time, that's a pretty big chunk of change you'll be saving — you know, considering how often your baby needs a diaper change.


To gain access to the exclusive deals section, which is loaded with coupons and lots of other ways to save, you'll need to create a profile for your child.

You can also save money when you complete a baby registry with Amazon Family. Get 15 percent off over 270,000 baby items. You probably won't need 270,000 items, but as a new parent, it'll definitely feel that way.

Sign up for Amazon Family here.