Use Your Smartphone to Test Your Kids' Eyesight

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Changes in eyesight can happen more frequently than just once a year. So, instead of waiting for an annual eye exam, check out EyeQue—a professional-grade visual acuity screener that tests and tracks vision changes in your whole family.

Currently a Kickstarter campaign, EyeQue screens vision for 20/20 to 20/400 in under three minutes, providing exact measures of single and dual eye performance.

Combined with the EyeQue app, goggles attach to your smartphone to reveal the industry standard "tumbling E eye chart."

EyeQue creates a digital vision history and lets you know if a doctor's visit is necessary. The device also tests your current glasses or contacts to determine if an updated prescription is needed, and it records and securely stores results.

The program runs in two modes, a straightforward "adult" mode and a more kid-friendly "kids" mode.

Here's a look at how it works:

The EyeQue will retail for $129.99, plus a $4.99 annual subscription fee. But if the project is fully funded (it's well on its way), you can get one here for $75.