This Robot Will Pick up Your Tennis Balls so You Don't Have To

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Attention tennis players: Do you love playing tennis but hate picking up balls? The answer to that question is most likely "yes," because literally no one enjoys picking up balls. Well, your time on the court is about to become a lot more productive by playing more and picking up balls less.


Tennibot is an autonomous tennis ball collector that's pretty much an oversized Rumba for the tennis court. Using cameras and sensors to detect the ball, Tennibot scoots around the court, doing the job you dread doing. It can hold up to 80 balls and works on both clay and hard courts.

Check it out:

Obviously ball-picker-upper machines (probably not their official title) already exist, but this one is different since it does its own thing without your hands-on guidance.


The bot comes with an app, which allows you to specify where on the court you want to pick up balls. It can be on both sides of the court, a single side, or at the net only.

Tennibot will even hold you accountable for your tennis game. It automatically keeps track of the number of balls you hit and how often you play. You can easily share your achievements with your tennis buddies on social media.

Click here to reserve your Tennibot for early bird pricing before it launches on Indiegogo. Shipping will happen sometime in 2018.