This Kitchen Robot Will Cook Dinner for You

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Having the time to cook fresh, healthy meals every night for your family is a luxury. Between work, errands, after school activities, homework, laundry, and everything in between, cooking dinner can be a stressful time.

Suvie is a kitchen robot that'll do the cooking for you—even when you're not home. Designed by a former Apple engineer, appliance expert, and gourmet chef, Suvie is a countertop Wi-Fi-enabled multi-zone cooker and refrigerator that turns four individual meal components—meat, vegetables, dry starches, and sauces—into one perfectly cooked meal that's ready whenever you want it to be.

So, basically it's a dream robot.

Simply place the food into the appliance and add water. Suvie will keep your food refrigerated until you're ready for it to be cooked. Based on when you choose you want to eat, it calculates the exact time it'll start cooking each of the different cooking zones.

With Suvie, you also have the option to order the Smart Meals delivery service, where customizable gourmet meals are shipped to your home. The meals will cost between $10 and $12 per serving.

The retail price of Suvie is $599, but you can back the Kickstarter project here for $479. It's already far surpassed its goal of $100,000, because people could clearly use a hand (or robot hand) in the kitchen.