The First Board Game to Incorporate Amazon Alexa


In case you and your family feel like you need less screen time but more AI in your lives, you can now play a face-to-face trivia board game powered by Amazon Alexa.

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Game manufacturer Sensible Objects created When in Rome, the first board game to incorporate Alexa. It's the company's first installment of its upcoming series of voice-augmented tabletop games.

Alexa guides you through the rules of the game, walks you through the experience, acts as the scorekeeper (which can prevent unnecessary, but inevitable arguments), and helps you out if you get stuck on a question.

The game consists of a world map, and each player chooses a game piece or "souvenir" and their "home city" as a starting point. As you move your game piece through major cities, questions are asked by real people, recorded in cities around the world.

The game launches this summer for $29.95. Of course, you'll need Amazon Alexa to play. It's recommended for ages 5 to 99, but younger kids might have a tougher time with the questions, since most of them probably aren't world travelers yet.

And for some added fun, When in Rome is looking for locals who love their city to voice questions. Find out more here.

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