The Mobile Phone Turns 45 Today, and Motorola Is Celebrating With Deals

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Today marks the 45th birthday of the mobile phone, which seems crazy and impossible, but yes, it was invented back in 1973 by Martin Cooper of Motorola. The Motorola DynaTAC was the first mobile phone ever made, although it didn't become commercially available until 10 years later.


At 13 inches long and 1.75 pounds, it may have been mobile, but it definitely wasn't compact. In other words, the phone was the size of a brick and weighed as much as a pineapple, so people weren't exactly slipping the phone into their pockets while they ran errands.

Video of the Day

It also wasn't very affordable for the average consumer—it had a price tag of $3,995. But that didn't stop Zack Morris from living his best mobile phone life in Saved by the Bell.


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Mobile phones have certainly come a long way since then—in fact, they dropped the "mobile" and took on "smart." Here's a look at Motorola's mobile/cell/smartphone timeline:

To celebrate the anniversary of the cell phone, Motorola is offering some pretty great deals of up to $150 off select Motorola phones and Moto mods.


  • Moto e4 plus (16gb) – $149.99, a $30 discount
  • Moto e4 plus (32gb) – $159.99, a $40 discount
  • Moto g5 plus (32gb) – $179.99, a $50 discount
  • Moto g5 plus (64gb) – $224.99, a $75 discount
  • Moto g5s plus (32gb) – $229.99, a $50 discount
  • Moto g5s plus (64gb) – $249.99, a $100 discount
  • Moto x4 – $299.99, a $100 discount
  • Moto z2 play – $349.99, a $150 discount
  • Moto z2 force edition – Free Amazon Alexa moto mod with purchase
  • Moto mods - 25% off (excludes: 360 cam, projector, Hasselblad, gamepad)

All deals are available here from Tuesday, April 3rd to Wednesday, April 4th.