'The Book of Everyone' Might Be the Best Personalized Gift You'll Ever Give

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Personalized gifts are sweet, thoughtful, and usually make a lasting impression. But there's one personalized gift that is all those things, plus it's unique and has a cool factor that makes it a gift people will actually want to display and keep forever.


"The Book of Everyone" is a 50 page book that celebrates the individual people you love. It can be personalized for anyone—your mom, son, best friend, dog groomer, etc. The pages are beautifully designed, clever, and full of cool information. You just add the photos, messages, memories, jokes, and make decisions about the design.

There are different books to choose from, like the "Milestones Edition," which is dedicated to birthdays and is one big nostalgic look back at someone's life; the "Quickie Edition," which is a customizable book that takes no time at all but looks like you spent hours on it; "Wise(ish) Words," a book for kids that's full of life lessons; and the "The Book of Everyone," which is the most popular.

Books start at $35. Click here to get started.