Train Your Brain Using One of These Apps

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You don't need to be enrolled in classes or read four books a week to boost your brainpower (although those things definitely can't hurt). Now you can simply download a brain training app devoted to keeping your mind sharp. You'll just need to actually use them to notice results. Check out these popular brain boosting apps:

Lumosity: Daily Brain Games

This Lumosity: Daily Brain Games app is split into three brain games and can help sharpen the skills you use every day: memory, attention, flexibility, speed, and problem solving. According to the creators, playing the games for just a few minutes each day will help you reach your goals. New workouts are provided every day to keep you challenged.

Download free for iOS and Android.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness helps improve cognitive abilities through fun games designed by neuroscientists. Take an initial quiz, and the app will offer game recommendations based on your results. Challenge friends or use the app to track your own progress and overall brain health.

Download free for iOS and Android.

Vocabulary Builder

Build your vocabulary using Magoosh's vocabulary game. Learn all 1200 vocab words picked by an expert tutor. The game consists of you choosing the correct definition for each word. You can then see the word used in a sentence and hear it pronounced out loud. There are basic, intermediate, and advanced words, and the more levels you beat, the more words you'll unlock.

Download free for iOS.


Typeshift is a word game unlike any other. Slide columns up or down to try to spell a word in the center row. When a word is spelled, the tiles turn green. The goal is to turn very tile green.

Download free for iOS and Android.