This Website Suggests Meals Based on What's Currently in Your Fridge

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When you're out of food, scrounging up ingredients to make a meal isn't an easy task. But let's be real—you're never really completely out of food. There's always some sort of something lingering in the fridge or pantry.


MyFridgeFood is a website that takes the ingredients you have in your kitchen and turns them into dinner. Actually, it gives you the recipes so you can turn them into dinner. So, instead of finding a decent recipe online, only to discover that you're missing one or more ingredients, MyFridgeFood comes up with a recipe using what you already have.

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Here's how it works

If you're in a hurry, use the site's Quick Kitchen option, where you can check off common food items. If you want to spend more time finding something to make, use the Detailed Kitchen option, which gives you way more selections.


You'll select what you have from these categories: beverages, bread, canned products, cereal, condiments, dairy, spices, liquor, meats, pasta/grains, produce, seafood, and snacks.

Once you've chosen all of the ingredients, click continue. You'll need to add the Chrome extension to see your results.


So, whether you're in panic mode to find a recipe, or if you want to find some meal ideas for the future, the site is a powerful database of on-demand recipes that can help at any time.