Instagram Aims to Crack Down on Users Under 13

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Instagram has recently taken some measures to help ensure a safer online environment for its young users, including adding anti-bullying tools to a new blocking feature.


Now the Facebook-owned social media platform is taking another step to protect underage kids by requiring all new users to enter their birth date before joining. If a new user has a connected Facebook account, the listed birthday on that platform will carry over to Instagram, or it can be entered directly on Instagram.


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Anyone under the age of 13 won't be allowed to join, however any existing user under the legal age won't be asked for their birth dates. So, Instagram is still ignoring the fact that out of its one billion members, many of them are kids.

Instagram will eventually use the age information to offer education about privacy control for young users, as well as the option to only allow people you follow to send you messages, add you to a group, or reply to your Story.