This Google-Enabled Smart Mirror Makes Life Feel Like Science Fiction

A new smart mirror was introduced at CES, and it's making science fiction feel more like science non-fiction.

Designed by Capstone Connected, the Smart Mirror functions like a tablet. It has touchscreen and voice interfaces, and of course, internet access. Using Android's operating system, the mirror has the ability to download apps and use Google Voice Assistant.

Users can go about their daily routines (like shaving, putting on makeup, or brushing teeth), while being able to check the weather, traffic, and news, as well as watch beauty tutorials on YouTube, scroll through social media, check email, access Google Drive, etc.

The whole family can customize the mirror to fit their personal needs, including which launcher or browser they want, which apps or short cuts appear on the main screen, or what custom routine is triggered by saying, "Hey Google, Good Morning."

It's all about making daily life more efficient.

The Smart Mirror is available now in a 19x22 inch size with more options coming soon. It can be purchased here for $599.