Photoshop Offers Its Basic Features for Free

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When it comes to editing photos, there are so many apps to choose from. Some of them are inexpensive, while others are pretty pricey, including Photoshop at $10 a month.


But did you know that Photoshop offers its basic features for free? Adobe Photoshop Express is an editor that can be used in your browser or as an app on your smartphone for easy photo editing. It gives you access to quick-fix tools to crop, rotate, retouch, resize, correct blemishes, adjust the brightness and contrast, remove backgrounds, make collages, and add effects to photos.

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Photoshop Express won't offer the same controls as the full Creative Cloud package, but you can't really beat free. It's at least worth trying, and if it doesn't provide the tools you need for editing photos, then you may want to stick to paying $10 a month.


Check out Adobe Photoshop Express for browser or download for iOS or Android. Adobe Photoshop Mix (iOS, Android) and Adobe Photoshop Fix (iOS, Android) are also free options.