The Most Creative Carved Pumpkin Photos on Twitter

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Even though carved pumpkins start to get moldy after like 14 minutes, the tradition of carving pumpkins never wavers. Some people think about their pumpkin designs all year long, while others just wing it. Whether the designs turn out awesome or pretty terrible, people still share the photos on social media, because if a photo of carved pumpkin isn't posted to social media, does it even exist?


Here are some of the photos people are posting of their pumpkins that are intricate, creative, and all-around super coolβ€”and some that are, well, not.

Video of the Day

Pumpkins that nailed it

RBG pumpkin

Desert coyote pumpkin

Little Shop of Horrors pumpkin


Mummy pumpkin

Lord of the Gourd

Lucifer pumpkins

Star Wars pumpkin

Over the Garden Wall pumpkins

Braces pumpkin


Elf in a pumpkin

Creepy pumpkin

Another creepy pumpkin

Game of Thrones Knight King pumpkin

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pumpkin

VR pumpkin


Batman Who Laughs pumpkin

Spooky pumpkin carriage

A pumpkin's house

And here are some pumpkins that absolutely did not nail it

Just no

Still cute though


This shriveled mess

Expectations vs. reality

Can't decide if this is the worst or the absolute best pumpkin of 2020