Relay+ Is a New Cellular Walkie Talkie Being Used by Frontline Workers

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Walkie talkies have been around forever, or so it seems, but they aren't the most reliable form of communication. It's easy to get the channels mixed up, lose signal, or veer to far away from the person you're trying to communicate with.

Relay+ from Republic Wireless is a cellular-powered walkie talkie that actually has reliable 4G LTE coverage, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and no walkie talkie range issues, which is why the company refers to it as the "walkie talkie killer."

Relay+ was designed for frontline workers, as well as businesses that have geographically distributed employees, who rely on communication with their teams to do their jobs. The screenless, push-to-talk technology and unlimited national range allows them to stay focused on their jobs without the distraction of a smartphone or walkie talkie that may or may not work.

The devices are ideal for groups, and additional users can easily be added or removed via the Relay app. The app also allows for location tracking, emergency escalation, broadcast alerts, and users can choose to talk in groups or one-on-one.

For $10 a month per user, you can sign up for the starter plan, and for $15 a month, you can gain access to everything the starter and pro plans offer. Click here for more info.