How to Add Some Fun to Your Virtual Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is all about spending time with extended family, but to keep your loved ones safe and, you know, alive this Thanksgiving, it's best to stay home.

Of course, Thanksgiving won't be the same without Uncle Bob carving the turkey and almost chopping off his finger or cousins Shari and Marcia fighting over the last piece of pumpkin pie. But if you want to still be around family shenanigans this Thanksgiving, there's always Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.

To spice up your Thanksgiving family virtual call, consider setting up some fun virtual activities to make the time spent together a little more exciting than just watching each other eat.

Here are five ideas:

Play an online trivia game

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There definitely isn't a shortage of trivia games you can find online. Here are a few good options: Challenge the Brain offers several family-friendly quizzes, Knockout Trivia lets you create a league to compete against others for real money prize, and Newsmeister invites you to download the game on your phone to ask current affairs questions out loud while on the call. You can also create your own quizzes with Quizmaker.

Play Heads Up

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To play, everyone will need to download the Heads Up game on their phones (iOS, Android) for $0.99. One player holds the phone to their forehead with the screen facing out while the rest of the group shouts out clues to the player to try to get them to guess the word on the screen. It's timed and can get pretty loud and crazy, which should make it feel even more like Thanksgiving.

Host a virtual Thanksgiving scavenger hunt

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Make a list of items that everyone needs to find around the house. Go through the list one by one, and the first person to find each item either wins a prize or the respect of the family—at least until next Thanksgiving.

Plan an early Secret Santa gift exchange

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Set up the Draw Names Secret Santa Generator to send an email to each participant with the name of who they need to buy a gift for. Give plenty of heads up so everyone can have the gifts shipped prior to the virtual family Thanksgiving. Then during the call, each person opens their gift and tries to guess who it's from.

Play Most Likely To...

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Come up with your own questions or print out this list of questions to ask. You'll take turns asking questions, like who's the most likely to forget a loved one's birthday, get punched in the face, go bankrupt, own an illegal business, and fall asleep during a movie.