Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Smartphone

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Decluttering your smartphone isn't the most exciting way to spend your time, but it's so worth the time and energy once it's done. A good spring cleaning of your iPhone or Android will clear up space, help prolong your device's battery life, help your phone run at optimum speed, and make organizing and finding your apps a lot easier.


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Tips to declutter your device

  • Clear the cache to get rid of the unwanted data.
  • Delete texts, call history, and voicemails. You'll be surprised to see how much storage space these things take up on your phone.
  • Delete or disable bloatware apps, the ones that come pre-loaded on your phone that you don't use. Like the stock market app or Garage Band on iOS.


  • Delete third-party apps you don't use. Do you need seven photo editing apps? Probably not.
  • Only update the apps you use.
  • Delete podcasts and download them to the cloud. They take up tons of space, and you don't need them saved to your phone.
  • Save your photos to the cloud or a service like Google Photos or Amazon Prime Photos. You can then delete them from your phone to clear up so much space. Make sure they're saved before you delete.


  • Disable location services in settings, and only enable locations when an app requires it—like navigation.
  • After you've done everything above, restart your phone to clear out the memory.
  • If you want to be hardcore about your spring cleaning, perform a factory reset on your phone. This will get rid of all the unwanted data, but first make sure you save everything you want to keep.