How to Check if Your Info Was Compromised in the Facebook Data Leak

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Another day another Facebook data leak. Or so it seems. This time, data from over 553 million Facebook users was leaked online over the weekend, including first and last names, birthdates, relationship statuses, the city they currently live in, workplaces, emails, and worst of all — phone numbers.

It's all pretty scary, especially since phone numbers are used for two-factor authentication. Gizmodo suggested a tool to use to check if your phone number is one of the 32,315,281 American phone numbers leaked.

The website The News Each Day allows you to input your phone number by entering only the digits and the international code. So, it should look like this if you live in the U.S.: 15551234567. The website will tell you whether or not your phone number is in the leaked data.

To check if your email was compromised, Mashable suggested the well-known site Have I Been Pwned. Simply type in your email address and the site will tell you if your data has been breached, which breaches your info is part of, and how to protect yourself. (The site's suggestion is signing up for 1Password, a site that generates strong passwords for each website.)

Another option is to visit each site listed and change your password. It's actually a good time to change your password on all sites you visit regularly, especially banking, social media, and any other sites where you input your financial or personal information.