How to Call Information for Free Using a Cell Phone

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When you need a business location or phone number, it's easy to call information and ask. However, in most cases, calling information from a cell phone is not free. You can face fees from your cell phone carrier and the information service. Fortunately there are free options. While there is no charge for using a free information service, you will have to pay for the cell phone minutes used during your call.


Step 1

Dial a free 411 service. Free 411 offers a directory assistance service, as does Google.

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Step 2

After you call, an advertisement will be presented. After the ad is done, you will have an option to connect to the business that was advertised, or proceed with the directory listing service.


Step 3

Use the automated menu to get to the directory information. You will have to say "business" and then give the city and state of the business. Next, say the name of the business or the type of business.


Step 4

The automated system will come back with a list of results. Say the name of the result about which you want information.


Step 5

The automated system will ask if you want to be connected to the business or if you want details about the business. Then, if you choose details, you will be given the business name and address. If you choose to be connected, then you will be transferred to the place of business.



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