This Dash Cam Doubles as a Baby Monitor in the Car

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Dash cameras record everything in front of your car while it's running. You've probably seen them before — they're the little cameras that attach to the inside of a windshield or dashboard. People generally use them to record potential car accidents to prove fault. But if you're looking for a dash cam that can double as a baby monitor in the car, Nextbase has two affordable options that'll help you keep an eye on your little ones.


Both the 422GW and 322GW Nextbase cameras offer high-quality features including intelligent parking mode, emergency response, Amazon Alexa, and 140 degree viewing angle. It also has a cabin view attachment, which is a great way to keep tabs on your kids without constantly turning around while driving (not to mention a heck of a lot safer).

Video of the Day

If you see something cute going on in the backseat, you can easily take a snapshot by tapping the screen. Everything automatically records, which is the whole point of a dash cam, but it does mean you'll need to delete videos every three months or so to clear up space.


There's also safety feature that can come in handy (but hopefully you'll never have to use it) is an Emergency SOS service. In the event of an accident where the driver is unresponsive, emergency services can be alerted with the vehicles location and other details.

You can buy the 322GW Dash Cam for $152.95 and the 422GW Dash Cam for $189.95.