An Explanation of an AV1 and AV2 Hookup on a Vizio TV

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Composite S-Video cables are color-coded to help you hook up equipment correctly.
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Vizio television sets include input ports for hooking up external audio-visual equipment, such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and games consoles. Most modern video equipment uses HDMI connections to give high-definition video resolution and surround sound stereo audio. Many Vizio TV sets also include AV1 and AV2 input ports for connecting devices that offer only composite S-Video output.


AV1 Connection

The AV1 connection on a Vizio TV set is designed for external devices that use composite S-Video connection cables, such as video games of video cassette recorders. To connect the device to the Vizio TV set, insert one end of the yellow, red and white audio-visual cables into the output jacks on the external device and the other ends into the corresponding input ports on the back panel of the TV set. The AV1 ports are grouped under the "S-VIDEO/AV1" label on the back of the set.


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AV2 Connection

Most Vizio TV sets include a secondary AV2 connection for composite S-Video connection cables. The extra ports allow you to connect a second external device that uses this type of audio-visual connection. You'll find the AV2 connection ports on the side of the TV set. Connect the external device in the same way by plugging the color-coded video cables into the correct output jacks on the external device and the input ports on the TV set.


Accessing AV1 and AV2

Once you've connected your external devices to the correct ports on the Vizio TV set, view output from the connected device by selecting the source from the Vizio's remote control handset. Pressing the "Input" or "AV" button on the remote control cycles through each external connection. To access devices hooked up to the AV1 and AV2 ports, continue to press the button until "AV1" or "AV2" appears as an on-screen caption and the TV set displays the video from the external device.



Always select the highest-quality video connection when connecting external devices to your TV set. For most new equipment, this is the HDMI high-definition connection or component video connection. In most cases, you'll only require the AV1 and AV2 hook-ups for video equipment that offers only composite S-Video connections, or when you run out of available HDMI and component ports. Vizio TV sets come with multiple HDMI and component video ports, so use these before connecting equipment to AV1 and AV2.


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