How to Block Phone Numbers on a Panasonic Cordless Phone

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Get rid of all those pestering calls on your Panasonic cordless phone

You may get obnoxious or harassing calls from a specific number. You can always block such numbers on your Panasonic phone. Most of the telecom service providers offer call blocking features. In addition to this, most of the Panasonic cordless phone sets have built-in features through which you can block incoming calls from a specific number.


Step 1

Create a "Call Block List" on the Panasonic phone and store the Caller ID information of unwanted callers in the list. The numbers you feed in the block list will get a busy signal every time they try to call you.

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Step 2

Ring up the customer service of the telecom company that is providing you the phone service. Tell the representative that you want to get your incoming calls blocked from a specific number. The company will then add that number to a list of blocked numbers for your particular phone number. In the future, every time an unwanted caller tries to ring you up, he will hear a recording saying the number has been blocked.



Step 3

Visit the website Add your phone number to the website's list of phone numbers that cannot be reached by telemarketers and businesses.



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