Bluetooth Pairing Instructions

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Bluetooth is most commonly used to connect mobile phones to hands-free devices such as headsets and speakerphones so users can make and receive phone calls while they are involved in other activities. To wirelessly connect two Bluetooth devices you will need to "pair" the devices using their own unique pairing code.


Power on Bluetooth

Power on the Bluetooth on your computer or cell phone before you try pairing it. To conserve battery power, most cell phones and laptops will come with the Bluetooth powered off. Power Bluetooth on by going into the menu on your device (typically found under the settings menu) and making sure the "on" option is selected. All Bluetooth accessories such as headsets and speakerphones will always have the Bluetooth capability on.


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Pair Devices

Pair the two devices by having one device search for the other and then entering its pairing code. You can have cell phones and laptops search for devices by going into the Bluetooth menu (typically found in the settings menu) and selecting "Search For New Devices" from the available options. A list of Bluetooth devices will appear. Select the device you would like to pair from the list. Enter its pairing code to connect the two when prompted. Pairing codes typically are found on labels on headsets, speakerphones and car stereos. If you can't find the pairing code for your Bluetooth accessory, look in the owner's manual or documentation. Every device will have its own unique pairing code. You will only need the pairing code on your Bluetooth accessory in order to join it with a cell phone or laptop.


Stay Close

Keep your two Bluetooth devices physically close. Most Bluetooth devices have a range fof 30 feet or less. Walking out of the 30-foot range with a Bluetooth headset can break the connection and disrupt phone calls.