Can You Stream ESPN3 to Your TV With the iPad?

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AirPlay requires version 4.2 or higher of Apple's iOS software.
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The sports channel ESPN provides access to its programming on the iPad via the free WatchESPN app. The video footage received through the WatchESPN app can be streamed to your TV using the iPad's built-in AirPlay feature. AirPlay requires an Apple TV unit connected to your TV to receive and display the streaming video.


Installing WatchESPN

Tap the "App Store" button on your iPad, followed by the "Search" button in the menu across the bottom of the screen. Type "WatchESPN" into the search box in the upper-right corner of the screen. Tap the entry for the WatchESPN app in the search results to open its full listing page. Tap the "Free" button, then tap it again when the text changes to "Install" to download the app to your iPad.


Video of the Day

Apple TV

The Apple TV unit must be connected to the same network as your iPad — either wired or Wi-Fi — to receive AirPlay content. Connect the Apple TV unit to a power outlet and to your TV using an HDMI cable. Turn the TV on and switch it to the Apple TV's channel. If the Apple TV is using a wired Ethernet connection, it will detect and connect to your network automatically. Select your wireless network from the on-screen list using the remote control and enter your passcode if connecting via Wi-Fi.


Using WatchESPN

Tap the "WatchESPN" button to launch the ESPN video streaming application on your iPad. Tap the "Channel" button in the menu across the bottom of the screen and select "ESPN 3" from the list of available channels. The app displays the current video being broadcast on ESPN 3, followed by a list of upcoming shows and events. Tap the "Play" button to the right of any available videos to begin streaming the content from the Internet to your iPad. The video is displayed at full screen.


AirPlay Mirroring

To watch the current ESPN show on your TV, AirPlay must be activated to connect the iPad to the Apple TV unit. Double-tap the "Home" button on the iPad to reveal the multitasking panel. Swipe the panel twice to the right and tap the "AirPlay" icon. The icon is identified by a rectangle with a triangle intersecting its bottom edge. Tap the Apple TV unit in the AirPlay list and slide the "Mirroring" switch to "On." Whatever is displayed on the iPad's screen is now mirrored on your TV.


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