How to Create a New E-mail Address

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In today's technology-driven world, most individuals have more than one email address. Generally, people have separate email addresses for business and personal use. You may also wish to allocate individual email addresses to particular areas of your life. For example, you could use one email address solely for bills. Regardless of your reasons for needing a new email address, it is quite simple to create one.


Step 1

Choose the email provider you would like to use. Google, Yahoo, Excite and Hotmail are among the many providers that offer free email addresses. While there are many paid email addresses available, there is little need to pay for one due to the many, high-quality free email accounts available.


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Step 2

Visit the website of your choice and select the option to create a new account.

Step 3

Create a user ID. User IDs have to be unique to each individual so your first choice may already be taken. Oftentimes, you'll have to enter several choices before you find a user ID that has not been taken.


Step 4

Choose a password for the account. A good password should be a mix of both letters and numbers. Try to choose a password that is not easily guessed. Steer clear of obvious choices such as your name, birthday or address.

Step 5

Pick a security question. Most email providers will require you to choose a security question that you will answer if you ever forget your password. Again, try to pick an obscure question to which no one else would know the answer.


Step 6

Set up your new email address's preferences. You can enter the name you would like to appear on outgoing emails as well as guidelines regarding which emails are automatically saved.


Your new email address will be ready for use immediately after you set it up.


You'll never be required to give out personal information when you set up a new email address. If a site asks for your social security number or financial information, know you are dealing with a scam.