How to Download an MP3 From a Website

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You need an Internet connection in order to download MP3 files.

If you want to add more songs to your digital music collection, one of the quickest ways to do so is by downloading MP3 singles from the Internet. Certain websites allow legal downloads of specific songs for free, while others may charge for downloads of entire albums. Do not download albums from message boards or sites for free, especially when the album has not yet been officially released. This is an illegal practice that could result in costly fines.


Downloading MP3 Files

Step 1

Locate which song you want to add to your music library from the Internet. It may take longer to find a song for free, especially if it is an older song. Sites like iTunes or offer full album downloads, but generally cost up to a dollar per MP3. To purchase an MP3 simply click the purchase button and enter your credit card info. The download will begin automatically once your purchase finalizes, but you can only play the song if you have music playing software on your computer.


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Step 2

Check record label and artist websites for free download singles. These are promotional, and even if an album hasn't been released yet these songs may be legally downloaded if approved by those with the copyright holders. Avoid downloading from blogs, unless the downloadable MP3 links back to a record label or artist site. Sometimes other websites run by artists or publicists like Myspace offer free MP3 downloads as well, or at the very least a free stream of the songs.



Step 3

Right click on a download link if you have a PC, or press CTRL and click with a Mac, to initiate the downloading process. A list of commands will appear, and you should choose "save image as." Be aware of the file name you save it as, because this is how you'll be able to find the song on your hard drive after the download completes. Do not turn off your computer until a download is finished, otherwise you may have to start the process all over again.




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