Help With Red Lights Blinking on a Epson C88

The indicator panel for the Epson Stylus C88 ink jet printer includes lights to signal the device's operating status and problems. When you grow accustomed to seeing the green illumination that comes with standard operation, a flashing red light can be cause for alarm. Understanding what can cause these red indicator lights to flash may help you troubleshoot the problem without needing a service technician.

Flashing Red Paper Indicator

The paper indicator light looks like a small sheet of paper. When paper jams inside the printer, the indicator light flashes red. Push the "Paper Feed" button on the panel to clear any paper that is in the feed rollers. If the light does not go out, turn the printer off and restart it. Lift the cover and remove all of the paper in the printer, checking the rollers and all internal components if the problem persists. If the light continues to flash after a restart, a piece of paper remains stuck somewhere in the printer.

Flashing Ink Cartridge Indicator

When the ink light flashes red, it indicates an empty cartridge or a cartridge malfunction. When you are out of ink, the printer utility displays on your computer screen alerting you to which cartridge needs replacement. If neither cartridge is empty, remove both and reinstall them to clear the error.

Alternating Paper and Ink Lights

When both the ink cartridge indicator and the paper feed lights alternate flashing red, an object or piece of paper is obstructing the print head. Open the printer and remove any paper that is causing the jam near the print head. Call Epson support if the lights persist with nothing in the path of the print head.

Paper and Ink Lights Flashing With Power Light Off

Internal system errors on the C88 printer will generate a warning from both the paper indicator and the ink cartridge alert lights. When both lights flash red with the printer's green power light off, your printer likely has a system error. Try to power cycle the printer, turning it off and waiting a full minute before you turn it back on.