How Can I Leave Someone a Voicemail Without Calling Them?

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Slydial is the only service offering direct access to a person's voicemail.
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Slydial is voice messaging service that allows you to contact an individual and leave them a message without calling their phone. This service only works when calling mobile phones and uses a special number to bypass the individual's phone and connect you directly to their voicemail. There is no fee for this service and the access number can be dialed from any landline or mobile phone.


Step 1

Dial the Slydial access number.
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Dial the Slydial access number from any landline or mobile phone. The Slydial number is 267-759-3425.


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Step 2

When prompted, dial the number that you would like to leave a voicemail at.
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When prompted by the Slydial automated system, dial the mobile number you would like to leave a voicemail.


Step 3

Leave your message.
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Listen for the voicemail message and leave your message. You may disconnect the call after you have completed.




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