How Can I Trace a Metro PCS Cell Phone Location?

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Tracing locations of cell phones and where the number is calling from is available in a number of different forms. It all depends on how much information you want to gather, how much money you want to spend and why you want this information. Metro PCS is just one of the many cell companies this information can be found within.


By looking up the cell phone number in a simple Internet browser search bar a lot of information can be gleaned about the cell phone number and its original location. The first thing it will find is the area code, giving you a region of the country where the cell phone call may have originated. This could be a clue as to who the person calling you is, based on where they bought the cell phone and where they may actually be calling you from. While this won't pinpoint the exact location of the Metro PCS phone, it will help give you a general idea of where it was purchased.


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GPS Tracking

Depending on what model of cell phone you own using the Metro PCS service, you can see who is calling you via Metro PCS' ScreenIT service. It will recognize callers already in your address book, tell you who is calling if the name is registered to the number and tell you the city, state and whether the phone is a cellular number if the number is not registered by name.


Help from Authorities

If someone is calling you from a Metro PCS phone and is harassing you or needs your help but can't tell you their location, the call can be traced by authorities and their general, if not exact, location can be pinpointed. This technology has not been made widely available because many people out there would use it for things that would violate privacy laws, but for emergency circumstances or use of a cell phone to break the law, the authorities can use this service to try and help solve the problem.