How Do I Change My TracFone Number?

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If you don't want to pay a monthly fee or be strapped into a two-year contract to use a cell phone, TracFone is one of the best ways to go. You can purchase minutes as you need them and TracFone has agreements with many popular cell phone companies to use their towers to provide coverage. What if you want to change your TracFone number because you've moved or for another reason? This can be done by following a few simple steps.

Changing your TracFone number

Step 1

Go to your phone's prepaid menu. Write down your phone's serial number, your current telephone number and your SIM card number.

Step 2

Call the TracFone customer support line. Their phone number is (800) 867-7183. You do not need to call from your TracFone.

Step 3

Navigate through the menus to get to technical support. First, you will choose either "1" or "2" to get directions in English or Spanish, respectively. Then you choose "1" for Tracfone, and "4" for technical support. You may have to wait a little while to speak to someone.

Step 4

Give the technical support representative your information. They will ask for your phone's serial number, current telephone number, your new zipcode and your SIM card number. You will be instructed to leave your TracFone turned on for a while.

Step 5

Check your phone's prepaid menu to make sure your new telephone number has been pushed to your phone correctly. If not, proceed to Section 2.

Getting a new SIM card.

Step 1

Call the TracFone customer support line as you did above. Use the same steps to get to the technical support line.

Step 2

Tell the technical support representative the steps that were taken and ask for a new SIM card.

Step 3

Install your new SIM card and reactivate your phone. This can be done either online or by calling the customer support line again and talking to a representative.