How Do I Create a Group Calendar in Outlook?

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A group calendar permits members of the group to view the members' calendars on their own computer. Microsoft Outlook 2013 allows users to create new group calendars and to create groups from existing calendars.

Creating a New Calendar

Step 1

Click the Calendar icon to open your calendar page.

Step 2

From the calendar page, click Calendar Groups and choose Create New Calendar Group.

Step 3

Type a group name in the pop-up and click OK.

Step 4

To add group members to the calendar, click on a contact and click Group Members. Repeat for each member and click OK to finish. Alternately, type each address in the Group Members bar, separating each address with a semi-colon, and then click OK.


To see additional contacts, choose a different Address Book. Click the down arrow next to the Address Book field and select from the drop-down menu to display.

Step 5

Each member's calendar is listed under the Group Calendar name. A separate calendar with each member's name and email address is shown in the viewing pane when selected. To select all of the calendars in the group, check the box next to the group name. To remove a calendar from the viewing pane, uncheck the box next to the member's name.


Removing a group member's calendar from the viewing pane only removes it from view; it does not delete the member from the group.

Creating a Group from Existing Calendars

Step 1

To create a group calendar from existing calendars, open the calendars you want in the group in the viewing pane.

Step 2

Click Save as New Calendar Group.

Step 3

In the pop-up, type a name for the group and click OK.

Deleting a Calendar from a Group

To remove a calendar from a group, right-click on the member's name under the Group Calendar name. From the pop-up, click Delete Calendar.


Deleting a calendar doesn't remove the email address from your contacts; it only removes the calendar from the Group Calendar.