How Do I Enter Contacts on a Cell Phone?

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Millions of people use cell phones everyday to communicate. For some a cell phone is used only while they're on-the-go, but for others a cell phone is their only means of communication. Entering contacts into your cell phone's address book can make contacting those you need to reach easier and can help your cell phone's caller ID identify incoming calls. While the process for entering contacts into a cell phone varies slightly from phone to phone, the basic process is fairly similar and easy to do.


Step 1

Go into the phone book of your cell phone. On most cell phones, the phone book is designated on the home screen by either a picture of a phone or the words "Phone," "Phone Book" or "Contacts."

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Step 2

Select "Add New Contact" from the available options. On some phones, the new contact option will be located at the top of the list of any other numbers already stored in your phone. In other phones, the add contact option will be simply a "+" sign.


Step 3

Enter the phone number for the contact you wish to add, including the area code, in the form that appears onscreen. Some carriers require an area code to place calls whether the call is local or long distance. If your carrier doesn't require an area code for local calls, adding the area code when you add the number to your contacts list can save you time should you ever need to call someone while traveling in an place where you would need to enter the area code.


Step 4

Enter your contact's first and last name in the appropriate area in the form. Be sure to enter a first and last name for every contact you add. Just because you only know one "Amanda" now doesn't mean you won't meet several others during the life of your phone. Saving contacts with first and last names can ensure you don't have issues later on.


Step 5

Save the contact information you have just added by pressing the button marked "Save." Simply exiting out of your address book after entering contact information will often delete anything you may have added. Make sure to press a save button or "Add to Contacts" button once you're done to ensure the information is added to your phone's address book.